Governor Romeu Zema Neto

Governor Romeu Zema Neto

Minas Gerais’ doors are open to investors.


Foto: Pedro Gontijo / Imprensa MG

In January of this year, the state government introduced a range of measures to attract new business and boost the development of the regional economy.

We now have the second biggest population in Brazil and the second largest consumer market. We also have an infinite diversity of opportunities to be explored.

From culinary to agribusiness, and including industrial production, our products and services are of an unparalleled quality. More than 50% of Brazilian metallic mineral production comes out of Minas Gerais, which is the country’s largest coffee producing hub as well. In generating new business, the State has the target of two guidelines: debureaucratization and an audacious decentralization plan. We put together a team of highly qualified professionals whose aim is to reduce and simplify our tax regulation and accelerate the opening of companies. The so-called accessory obligations are in the group’s focus. In tandem with the initiative, other work fronts deliver results to reduce bureaucracy by increasing the facility for setting up companies.

Making our economy more competitive means opening it in sectors where the State is dominant. To this end, we will negotiate a decentralization plan with the Legislative Assembly. We have two of the biggest energy companies in Brazil, Cemig, and a major basic sanitation company, Copasa. They are two state companies which will become more efficient when privatized. Similarly, there is potential to open up the gas sector.

It is important to remember Minas Gerais’ human capital, technological concentration – whose capital takes in the start-up hub – and the generation of solar power (Minas is the largest producer). Those looking to invest can also see an improvement in our public safety numbers which show a reduction in the 12 indicators monitored. There has been a 30% drop in the number of robberies, for example.

All these initiatives coincide with the political and economic moment the country is passing through. With the approval of structural reforms, such as the Pension scheme, the reduction of interest rates, inflation under control and spending reined in, the environment exists for secure negotiations with high potential return.

For these reasons, Minas stands out on the national scene as an open and investor-friendly state.

Come to Minas!

Romeu Zema

Governor the State of  Minas Gerais


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