Minas Gerais and the World

Foreign Representations


The state of Minas Gerais is extremely important in the international relations scenario due to a large flow of foreign human capital. Usually concentrated in sectors such as agribusiness, steel, and mining, these resources brought several foreign representations to the state.

These international bodies offer strategic services, such as legal guidelines for the constitution of entities in Brazil or in the countries they represent and work to promote business and cultural events and meetings.


According to the Consular Corps Members Association in the State of Minas Gerais (‘Associação dos Membros do Corpo Consular no Estado de Minas Gerais’ – AMCC-MG), there are 40 countries with a consular representation in the state, whether honorary or diplomatic consulates. These consulates work to bring Minas Gerais closer to its representatives, formulating commercial, cultural, and artistic policies helping to obtain visas and other relevant guidelines for Brazilian and foreign citizens in Minas Gerais.

The countries with consular representation in Minas Gerais are Germany, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, South Korea, Denmark, Ecuador, Slovakia, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Guatemala, Holland, Honduras, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Syria, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, and Uruguay.

To learn more about the Consular Corps of the State of Minas Gerais, visit:


Chambers of Commerce

The Chambers of Commerce present in Minas Gerais provide relevant services to their members, creating a favorable environment for companies from Minas Gerais and companies in their respective countries to do business.

They support companies in prospecting for business, securely identifying partners, and supporting foreign trade, in addition to promoting relevant institutional actions and cultural integration. Among other actions:

American Chamber of Commerce – AMCHAM

With more than 5,000 member companies, Amcham Brasil is the largest one in the 114 countries in which it is present. It works in the integration of Brazilian and international companies, seeking to be a content provider, facilitator of business relations, and working as a bridge for the relationship of its partners with the government and other institutions.

For more information access: https://www.amcham.com.br/

Belgian-Luxemburguese-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A non-profit association, it has been operating in Brazil since 1938, promoting and stimulating commercial, economic, and cultural relations between Brazil, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Belgalux is an active platform for networking and promoting business and careers among its members, who can be individuals, companies, and institutions.

Services range from basic legal guidelines for incorporation of companies in Brazil, Belgium, and Luxembourg to the promotion of events, business meetings, and the organization of stands at trade fairs in the three countries.

For more information access: http://belgalux.com.br/

France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce of Minas Gerais – CCFB-MG

Founded in 1900, this Chamber brings together more than 770 members and works to promote the development of economic, financial, commercial, industrial, scientific, and cultural relations between France and Brazil. It has several regional units, including Minas Gerais. Its function is to promote events that provide members with the development of their network of contacts and access to high-level information that helps in their professional and personal performance.

The member can also count on the benefit of “Les Privilèges”, a card that offers special conditions in various services throughout Brazil and in countries where there is a French Chamber.

In the specific case of CCIFB Minas Gerais, there is a network of collaborators who coordinate and hold events on specific themes, making it an excellent means of propagating new concepts and business management, with presentations of lectures and successful cases by specialists from different areas.

For more information access: https://www.ccfb.com.br/

India-Brazil Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 2003, the India-Brazil Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that works to promote commercial and cultural relations between Brazil and India. Its main function is to help companies to develop businesses and fulfill their objectives in their respective markets.

The Chamber offers strategic solutions tailored to the objectives of its members, generating, and identifying business opportunities, and platforms for expanding connections, in addition to having strategic commercial and institutional partnerships both in India and Brazil.

For more information access: https://www.indiabrazilchamber.org/

Italo-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture of Minas Gerais

The Italian-Brazilian Chamber was founded in 1995 and recognized by the Italian government in 1998. Since then, it has been part of the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (Assocamerestero), a collaborative network made up of 80 chambers distributed in 55 countries and with more than 25,000 members. The institution seeks to contribute strategically, serving as a business bridge for the internationalization processes of mining and Italian companies, offering specialized and customized services.

It also works to facilitate relations between the two countries, encouraging the exchange of experiences in different economic sectors, acting as an intermediary for diplomatic activities, thus enabling a cooperation network.

To learn more, visit: https://www.italiabrasil.com.br/

Netherlands Business Support Office

The Netherlands Business Support Office – NBSO – form a network of 22 offices in 9 different countries, which are focused on helping Dutch companies in their international activities. The office is headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, and has a representation in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.

Its function is to inform Dutch entrepreneurs how to do business in Brazil, providing privileged information about business and investment possibilities in Brazil, mainly in the places where their offices are located. It helps Dutch companies and entrepreneurs find a business partner in Brazil, provides tailored information, and provides specific market knowledge, such as laws and taxes, always on demand.

For more information access: https://nbso-brazil.com.br/

Portuguese Chamber of Minas Gerais

The Portuguese Chamber of Minas Gerais, founded in 1996, is an association focused on increasing commercial, technological, social, and cultural relations between Minas Gerais, Portugal, and Portuguese-speaking countries. It supports international business, bringing together companies that seek a competitive insertion in the global scenario.

It assumes the role of strengthening economic relations between Minas Gerais, Portugal, and entrepreneurs of Portuguese origin. Cultural and linguistic similarities bring the two countries closer together and generate new business and promising opportunities.

For more information access: http://www.camaraportuguesamg.com.br/

International Chamber of Business – CIN

A non-profit organization that works locally, nationally, and internationally to promote business development in Brazil and abroad. It offers conditions to develop the competitive potential of the business and insert it into the international market.

New opportunities and challenges arise all the time and the International Business Chamber proposes to map these opportunities, preparing Brazilian companies to adapt and find success in their relationships. In this sense, the chamber helps to expand the network of connections between entrepreneurs, overcoming obstacles, in order to contribute to the development of trade and international integration.

To learn more visit: https://cinbr.com.br/

Brazil-Australia Chamber of Commerce

The Official Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Australia was founded in 1988 and in 2014 its headquarters were transferred to Belo Horizonte. With over 30 years of experience, the organization helps bilateral relations between the two countries that have benefited both in the economic sphere and in the social, and cultural spheres.

The Official Chamber of Commerce Brazil Australia’s main objective is to promote and encourage the development of the relationship between the two countries, promote networking between Brazilian and Australian companies, stimulate cultural, tourist, and other types of exchange, publish economic data and other information that can contribute to mutual development and spread the marketing methods adopted in Brazil and Australia.

For more information access: https://www.australia.org.br/

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil – CCB

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Brazil (CCB) is a non-profit institution, formally recognized by the Brazilian government and the Chinese government. Intending to foster closer commercial ties and contribute to the effective generation of business between Brazilian and Chinese companies and entrepreneurs, the chamber advises its members to overcome existing cultural barriers and recommends strategic solutions to facilitate the realization of business and generation of results. The Chamber develops a personalized service to meet the needs of its members.

To learn more, visit: https://www.camarachinesa.com.br/

Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture, and Stock Breeding Brazil-Mozambique

Bilateral relations between Brazil and Mozambique have intensified over the years, indicating a steep increase in trade and investment flows. In addition to an environment of economic growth and political stability, Mozambique has a consumer market of 22 million people, making the country a great attraction for Brazilian business.

In this way, CCIABM aims to foster the socioeconomic relationship between Brazil and Mozambique, creating a favorable institutional and business environment, capable of helping to take advantage of existing opportunities.

For more information access: http://www.cciabm.com/

Brazil-Russia Chamber Of Commerce, Industry, And Tourism

With 39 years of activity, the Brazil-Russia Chamber was created to develop economic, financial, investment, cultural, and sports relations between the two countries. Following the operational standard of the most structured chambers in the world, along the lines of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce), CBR has a structure distributed in several areas, providing a variety of services for support and business development, which may vary according to the specific demands of each member.

Thanks to the close ties with the governments of both countries, as well as their respective employer and business associations from different product segments, the Brazil-Russia Chamber helps its associates and partner entities to overcome cultural, social, and administrative barriers.

For more information access: http://brasil-russia.org.br/

ProChile – Chile Commercial Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Recently opened in the city of Belo Horizonte, ProChile has 46 years of experience, contributing to the increase in exports from its country and the diversification of products for the international market. Its mission is to contribute to the development of Chile through the internationalization of Chilean companies, promote the country’s image and attract investment and tourism. For this, it relies on a national and international network of contacts and specialized professionals committed to promoting business.

In 2021, it developed a new approach to support companies, aiming to promote the expansion of exporting companies with greater export potential or with greater scalability in the short term. It offers a specialized and personalized service according to the profile of each company, focused on goods and services with added and innovative value, to diversify the export matrix and increase the positioning of the offer of Chilean products.

For more information access: https://www.prochile.gob.cl/internacional/en

The Minas Gerais – Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry works to create the best business and institutional ties between mining and Israeli agents. There are several actions and agreements that aim to publicize the Israeli and mining initiatives in both regions, pointing out opportunities and intermediating actions that can promote the increase of bilateral relations between them. To learn more visit cmgi.com.br or our social media https://www.instagram.com/camara_mg_israel/ www.linkedin.com/company/camara-de-comércio-minas-gerais-israel




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