President Jose Anchieta da Silva

President Jose Anchieta da Silva

Minas to the world

The Minas Gerais Business Guide 2022, a publication of the Commercial and Business Association of Minas (Associação Comercial e Empresarial de Minas – ACMinas), now reaches its 12th edition. This is an international business guide that aims to unveil services, products, and business and investment opportunities in Minas Gerais, being directed to representations of foreign governments, chambers of commerce, companies, and international organizations, in addition to related businesses such as hotels, airports, among others.

Its purpose is to be a reliable source of information, presenting a comprehensive overview of the state’s economic scenario, as well as offering the description and legal procedures for the attraction of investments. Therefore, it represents a contribution by ACMinas to the efforts made by the private sector and the government in favor of business expansion and the definitive internationalization of Minas, which is already taking place.

We now come to the 2022 edition. More robust and full of figures and articles of great interest, the guide maintains the purpose that guided the initiative, taken in 2010, making available to businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs operating in the international market a data set on Minas Gerais capable of exposing, in its own dimension, the extraordinary environment that the State offers for doing business. On its pages, the reader will find an overview of the Minas Gerais economy, which not only highlights its high degree of diversification, the privileged geographical position of the State in relation to the main markets, the efficient logistics structure, and especially the numerous opportunities it offers for productive investments.

This is a role, by the way, in which ACMinas plays a historical role: how it happened at the time of the construction of the Belo Horizonte International Airport, in Confins, in the Expominas project, and in the structuring of a system capable of organizing and intensively exploring the enormous tourist potential of the State.

By taking the initiative to edit this Guide once again, ACMinas continues its long history of collaborative actions aimed at perpetuating the results already obtained by Minas Gerais in its development process and opening up new opportunities for business and investments. The Minas Gerais Business Guide will be of great value.

Jose Anchieta da Silva

President of the Commercial and Entrepreneurial Association of Minas – ACMinas


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