President Sílvio Soares Nazaré

President Sílvio Soares Nazaré

The 2019|2020 version of the Minas Gerais Business Guide is the result of intelligence and market research, as well as the analysis of our employees, particularly the ACMinas International Relations Business Council, along with the prestigious supporters.

With up-to-date information on Minas Gerais, this guide is an important tool, especially for companies, executives and official government international representatives interested in gaining a better understanding of the state’s potential, as well as the best way for Minas Gerais’ companies to enter the abroad market.

Much more than hospitable, Minas Gerais is one of the best states in Brazil to promote business, invest and live in. The Business Guide makes it easier to identify and avail of the available opportunities. 

 Sílvio Soares Nazaré

Message from the President of the Entrepreneurial International Relations Council and Emeritus Director of the Commercial and Entrepreneurial Association of Minas – ACMinas



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